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WFC CSKA takes the silver of the Russian Championship

WFC CSKA loses in the final match of the Super League to Zenit with a score of 1:2
The last round of the final stage of the Super League took place at the end of November on a cold and snowy day. According to tradition, this did not prevent the army men from entering the game charged and ready to win. Moreover, we were satisfied only with the victory. 

From the first minutes, a fierce struggle began. Already in the 2nd minute of the match, the army earned a corner kick, but it did not work out. In the 4th minute, WFC CSKA had its first chance to score: Margarita Manuilova shot, but the goalkeeper fixed the ball in her hands. Zenit was also not going to concede and actively pressed: the first dangerous attack occurred in the 11th minute. But Yulia Pleshkova and Tatyana Petrova managed to interrupt the opponent's attack and transfer the game to the other half of the field. In the 20th minute of the match, there was a shot from Yulia Myasnikova — quite a bit was not enough for a goal, the goalkeeper was able to fight it off with great difficulty, plus the bar helped. This angered the opponent, the Zenit players began to try to attack more actively, but Anastasia Ananyeva confidently stood in the goal. In the first minute of compensated time, the crossbar literally saved Zenit from a long-range strike by Francisca Ordega.

During the break, only one substitution was made — Daria Yakovleva came out instead of Margarita Manuilova. Already in the 47th minute, it started with a corner kick from Nadezhda Smirnova — dangerous for the opponent, but without the opportunity to score. In the 61st minute, Tatiana Petrova took possession of the ball. A pass to Yulia Myasnikova, Yulia tried to break through, but the opponent's goalkeeper was able to help out again. In the 63rd minute, the score was opened in favor of Zenit. Three minutes later, the blue-white-blues increased their lead. The army tried to recoup. In the 87th minute, Tatyana Petrova hit above the goal after passing from a corner. And a minute later she managed to score a goal: a long-range shot came from outside the penalty area into the lower right corner. Five minutes were added to the second half, but the Army did not manage to close the gap in the score.

WFC CSKA wins silver in the women's Super League 2023 season. We don't get upset and move on. After all, as Army captain Nevena Damjanovic said: "This is football, this is life. We will come back even stronger next year!"

24 november 2023, fri. 17:00 UTC+3

Novye Khimki, Khimki


Moscow, Russia Russia

1 : 2

Russia Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

  • Petrova, 88′ (1:2)
  • Диаш, 63′ (0:1)
  • Андреева А., 66′ (0:2)

  • Ordega, 49′
  • Chernomyrdina, 37′
  • Myasnikova, 81′
  • Якупова, 50′
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