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Nevena Damjanovic – about the match with WFC Zenit for the Supercup: all in

Defender and captain of WFC CSKA Nevena Damjanovic shared her expectations from the match against WFC Zenit for the Winline Russian Supercup.
– How do you like the team’s performance this season?

– I’m proud of how we play every match because this season is very difficult. Of course, I would like us to score more goals, but I am very proud because we win all our games. So, I'm really very proud of the team.

– What can you say about your game?

- I am pleased. I think I'm playing well. I always want to improve, to show the best version of myself every meeting. And I know that it will be a long season and I will try to play better and better.

– You score and our team doesn’t concede. Leader on the football field!

– Football is not an individual sport, but a team sport. We defend together and attack together. I think not about my game, but about the team’s game. If I score, then everyone on the field and on the bench scores. Because we are a team and a family. We train together and move forward together.

– But do you feel your importance for the team, that you lead the team with you?

– This is my style of play! I'm glad the fans and team appreciate it. I like to win. Especially when you play in a big club, you win 1:0 and you are not very happy. You think you could have played better. But overall I am very pleased and happy because we are winning.

– You constantly give the girls tips during the game and shout “press”! Is this your favorite word?

- Yes! I lose my voice every game! Sometimes you lose focus in a game. Don't lose concentration! It is possible that an extra dash will help the team score or not concede. So maybe I'm emoting somewhere to keep us focused until the last second!

– What are your expectations from the Zenit match?

– Every game with Zenit is a derby. I think Zenit is a good team. Of course, I respect Zenit. This will be a very interesting match, like every meeting we have with them. We are preparing, we are training. Let's see who wins.

– What is the team’s mood for this game?

– When you play a derby, a cup match, if you are a professional athlete, you should feel the difference. Everything is different. When preparing for other matches you give 100%, but for the title match you give 150. Because you feel this tension that there is an opportunity to win the cup. There is a good atmosphere in the team, we have been playing together for a long time and know each other. Again, we've had a good week of training and we can't wait for the match to start.

– What does it mean for a team to play at such a large stadium as Gazprom Arena?

– I won my first cup with CSKA at the Gazprom Arena. This is a wonderful stadium. When you play in such an arena against such a good team, you just have to enjoy the moment and show the best version of yourself.

Yes, we are playing in St. Petersburg. But in the end it will be how we show ourselves that will matter. We have a plan that we must carry out. And when the starting whistle sounds, I won't hear anyone except my teammates. I will only focus on the game. I repeat, good stadium, good opponent, let's enjoy!

– As a captain, address the team and fans before the upcoming meeting.

- All in! In Saturday's match we must show everything we have developed during this time! We will show everything we are capable of! Therefore, addressing my team, our fans, I say: “All in!”


08 june 2024, sat. 17:00 UTC+3

Gazprom Arena, Sankt-Peterburg


Moscow, Russia Russia

1 : 0

Russia Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

  • Яковлева, 81′ (1:0)

  • Шишкина, 38′
  • Черномырдина, 72′
  • Чернова, 64′
  • Куропаткина, 90′
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